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January-March 2018

Upcoming Lectures

1/9/2018 - 5/7/2018

The series Fuga mundi, which analyses different ways of escaping or voluntary withdrawal in pursuit of a moral and spiritual growth from different cultures and historical periods, opens the programming of Lectures for 2018 at the Fundación Juan March, during the months of January to March. It will be followed by the fifth series focusing on cities of Mediterranean Antiquity and examines three eminent figures of Roman culture: Maecenas, Virgil and Horace, as well as the writers Lope de Vega and Ausiàs March. In the format of interviews, Conversations at the Foundation will welcome Marcelino Oreja, Rafael Matesanz and "El Roto", and the dialogues in Memories of the Foundation will feature María Paz García-Bellido, Javier Echeverría, Francisco Cabrillo, Cristóbal Toral, José Ángel García de Cortázar, Vicente Verdú and Leonardo Romero Tobar. The first-person testimonies from the poet Juan Carlos Mestre and the historian Juan Pablo Fusi, and the topical debates of The Burning Issue about artificial intelligence, art and patronage, and nuclear energy and renewable energy, complete the proposition for this winter.

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