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Luis Gago: presenter. Stephan Loges, baritone y Roger Vignoles, piano.

The History of Lied in seven concerts. (III) The Romantic Middle Ages

Works by J. Brahms


The History of Lied in seven concerts. (III) The Romantic Middle Ages. The third episode in The History of Lied in Seven Concerts consisted entirely of the cycle Die Schöne Magelone by Johannes Brahms. This video includes a wide selection from a special concert in which the story, summarized by a narrator (Luis Gago), was presented in alternation with a selection of Lieder (performed by Stephan Loges and Roger Vignoles). Thus, the audience was offered a contextualized listening, facilitating a better understanding of the compositional resources used by Brahms. Die Schöne Magelone is based on a text by Ludwig Tieck. Its roots go back to the Middle Ages and the story was well known throughout Europe. This “escapist” attitude, often found in Romanticism, led to a historical period that idealized issues including bravery, honour and freedom. The full dimension of the subtleties of these Brahms Lieder can only be appreciated through an understanding of Tieck’s story.
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